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The drink of champions and Irishmen alike. The questions of what makes your favorite drink and how it gets its name are finally answered!

The Water of Life

Whiskey itself means the water of life which isn’t shocking due to the immense popularity of this drink throughout history. Approximately 135£ is generated through Scottish whisky every second. Whiskey has even been rumored to prevent certain diseases including cancer! Now we’re not doctors, but that sounds like a good enough reason for us…

To ‘e’ Or Not To ‘e’

The centuries old question of when to add the ‘e’ in ‘whiskey’ is quite simple. Only Canadian and Scottish whisky can be referred to without the ‘e’,  meanwhile, all other origins of whiskey use the ‘e’. This change in the spelling is simply just the translation difference between the Scottish and Irish roots.

Scotch & Bourbon

Time is an essential ingredient in the creation of scotch. So much so that the title scotch cannot be earned unless it contains 100% malted barley and has matured for a minimum of three years in an oak container. However, bourbon contains corn and can be matured less than three years as long as it is stated on the label.

The Recipe

Whisky, whiskey, scotch and bourbon all have different key ingredients that make them special. But the key recipe for these liquors always begins with barley, wheat, rye, or corn which all are types of starches. After the starch is chosen these are then mashed and fermented. The next step is the distillation process. Traditionally in Scotland it is distilled twice while in Ireland it is distilled three times. Finally it is the waiting game while these amazing alcohols reach maturity.

Drinking with Whiskey

While whiskeys can stand alone, here are a couple well known ways to utilize your whiskey in a mixed beverage.

Old Fashioned

The old fashioned recipe is exactly that- old fashioned! The original recipe dates back to the 1800’s and brings a refreshing citrus taste to the whiskey of your choosing. This recipe calls for an orange peel, rye whiskey, sugar, bitters and some ice.

Mint Julep

Popularized by horse races, this refreshing drink is still widely popular. This simple cocktail is a mix of sugar, mint sprigs, and your favorite bourbon.

Irish Coffee

One of our true favorite cocktails that can be made with whiskey is the Irish Coffee. The simple favorites of heavy cream, sugar, coffee and of course whiskey give a new meaning to a pick me up!

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Whichever way your whiskey is enjoyed, it is sure to be a wonderful addition to any night!