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Punkin Chunkin is a test of strength and persistence. The only way to win is to ensure that your throw can hold up against the competition.


Feet should be shoulder width apart and your hips and shoulders should be parallel. Make sure to keep an eye on your feet placement as this can effect your throwing potential immensely.


Ensure that you have full control of your pumpkin. Due to the varying shapes it is important that the pumpkin doesn’t slip out of your hands. A bad grip can lead to a throw that comes up short.


Make sure that there is no doubt in your throw and continue through with all of your momentum to try and achieve the longest throw.

Types of Throwing Methods


This is the way you’ve been taught to throw a baseball. This is a great start to Punkin Chunkin but this style is based on strength rather than technique in order to increase distance.


This softball style wind up will be one of the most difficult ways to throw the pumpkin as its shape makes it difficult to pass underhand. But with proper practice underhand can push you past the competitors.

Track & Field

The track and field times have come to Halloween. The style of throwing a shot put can be used while throwing a pumpkin due to the similar size of each as well as the shape. This will work best for individuals that have previously used this style of throwing and it has shown to lead to the most success. By placing the pumpkin in your dominant hand and bringing it to your shoulder. With a few steps forward your motion of your body can launch the pumpkin out of your hand and into the championship.

Pro Tip: Avoid holding the pumpkin by the stem as it may break off and end your chances of becoming the Punkin Chunkin champion.

Reel in the Prizes

Everything in life isn’t a competition. But Punkin Chunkin is, so make sure to try your best to get bragging rights over all of your friends.